2014 Latest Citrix 1Y0-A18 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1A zone data collector ___________ . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) A.    handles ICA traffic for the zoneB.    writes information to the data storeC.    is responsible for maintaining server load evaluator informationD.    makes sure all XML traffic is routed between the servers in the zone Answer: C

2014 Latest Citrix 1Y0-A15 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. is planning to implement Provisioning Services for deployment of images to their XenApp servers and XenDesktop workstations. The architect has created the design for the Provisioning Services environment, making the following design decisions for the Provisioning Services environment: One Provisioning Services farm will be created: PVSFARM. Two Provisioning Services servers […]

2014 Latest EXIN ISFS Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1What is a risk analysis used for? A.    A risk analysis is used to express the value of information for an organization in monetary terms.B.    A risk analysis is used to clarify to management their responsibilities.C.    A risk analysis is used in conjunction with security measures to reduce risks to an acceptable level.D.    A […]

2014 Latest EXIN EX0-118 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which of the following are reasons that Home Working can reduce your carbon footprint? a) It reduces the travel needed to attend meetings.b) It reduces the paperwork needed for meetings.c) It reduces the space needed within the office.d) It reduces the power consumed during meetings. A.    b and c only.B.    a and d only.C.    […]

2014 Latest EMC E20-027 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1What is the significance of classifying applications for data availability requirements? A.    Identify an application’s non-functional requirementsB.    Identify an application’s functional requirementsC.    Determine application mapping with critical componentsD.    Determine business continuity priorities Answer: D

2014 Latest EMC E20-018 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1You are planning to deploy a virtualized application in a high-availability configuration with automated VM restart on a hypervisor cluster. Your sizing estimates show that peak workload conditions will saturate the processing power of four hypervisor servers.To meet the SLA, N+2 redundancy is required on the hypervisor servers, with server utilization not to exceed […]

2014 Latest CompTIA CD0-001 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 During the presentation of a prototype, a customer realizes that it has left out a critical security component. The customer has already approved the software requirements. What is the appropriate next step for the consultant? A.    Ask the customer for a change request form. B.    Agree to make the changes needed at no […]

2014 Latest CompTIA CV0-001 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1After an administrator successfully migrated the last physical application server to a virtual environment, the help desk reported slow performance. Which of the following should the administrator have done FIRST before migrating this server? A.    Apply operating system patches to the application server after the migration.B.    Contact the vendor to see if the application […]

2014 Latest Citrix 1Y0-A14 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Scenario: A user is attempting to access a virtual desktop. Web Interface sent an .ICA file, but an ICA connection failed to establish.Which component of the XenDesktop architecture has failed to communicate with the virtual desktop? A.    Desktop ReceiverB.    Domain ControllerC.    Virtual Desktop AgentD.    Desktop Delivery Controller Answer: A

2014 Latest Citrix 1Y0-A13 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Scenario: A network administrator needs to configure access to published resources in a Citrix XenApp farm through Access Gateway. The administrator will implement Access Gateway as a replacement for the current Secure Gateway deployment, which does NOT have SmartAccess. Which three steps must the administrator take for this scenario? (Choose three.) A.    Set ICA […]

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-055 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Examine the following PL/SQL block:SET SERVEROUTPUT ONSET LONG 10000DECLARE report clob;BEGINreport := DBMS_SPM.EVOLVE_SQL_PLAN_BASELINE();DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(report);END;Which statement describes the effect of the execution of the above PL/SQL block? A.    The plan baselines are verified with the SQL profiles.B.    All fixed plan baselines are converted into nonfixed plan baselines.C.    All the nonaccepted SQL profiles are accepted into the […]

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-054 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1After running SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA), you observe a few regressed SQL statements in the SPA output. Identify the two actions that you would suggest for these regressed SQL statements. (Choose two.)A.    Running SQL Access AdvisorB.    Adding them to SQL Plan BaselineC.    Submitting them to SQL Tuning AdvisorD.    Running Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) […]

2014 Latest Citrix 1Z0-053 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1As part of archiving the historical data, you want to transfer data from one database to another database, which is on another server. All tablespaces in the source database are read/write and online. The source and target databases use the same compatibility level and character sets. View the Exhibit and examine the features in […]

2014 Latest Citrix 1Y0-A22 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1If the Citrix IMA service fails to restart, how should an administrator resolve the issue? A.    Open the MF20.DSN file and verify the workstation IDB.    Open a command prompt and type DSMAINT CONFIGC.    Open the Access Management Console and run DiscoveryD.    Open a command prompt and type DSMAINT RECREATELHC Answer: D

2014 Latest Citrix 1Y0-A20 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Scenario: An administrator manages a XenApp 6.5 fam with one zone. All servers in the zone have identical hardware and software. The zone is configured with a primary data collector with a preference of Most Preferred and a backup data collector with a prefenrece of Preferred. All other XenApp servers in the zone have […]

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