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QUESTION 1Adam works as a Database Administrator for Pass4sure.com. He creates a table named Students. He wants to create a new table named Class with the help of the Students table. Which of the following syntaxes will Adam use to accomplish the task?A.    CREATE TABLE ClassINSERT INTO SELECT * FROM Students;B.    CREATE TABLE ClassFROM SELECT […]

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-869 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1How would a MIDlet that uses a GameCanvas efficiently update only a small region of the screen, from the data in the off-screen buffer?A.    call flushGraphics(int, int, int, int) that specifies the region to be flushedB.    call serviceRepaints() and set a clip region on the Graphics object in paint()C.    Pixels that are NOT to […]

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QUESTION 1Which two statements are true about JAXR support for XML registries? (Choose two.)A.    The CapabilityProfile tells a client the capability level of a registry.B.    UDDI registries must support ebXML to be compatible with JAXR.C.    The UnsupportedCapabilityException is processed for errors from non-Java providers.D.    The JAXR API declares methods as level 0 or level 1.E.    […]

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QUESTION 1A developer wants to create a business interface for both local and remote usage. For performance reasons the remote interface should NOT be called by a client in the same JVM. Which statement is required to accomplish this, assuming there is no deployment descriptor?A.    The business methods are defined in one interface which must […]

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QUESTION 1Given the following stateful session bean:10. @Stateful11. @TransactionAttributefJransactionAttributeType. SUPPORTS)12. public class VideoBean implements Video {13. // insert code here14. public void methodAO {}15.}Assuming no other transaction-related metadata, which code can be added at Line 13 to guarantee that business method methodA will execute only if invoked with an active transaction? A.    @TransactionAttributefJB.    @TransactionManagement(TransactionAttributeType. CONTAINER)C.    […]

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QUESTION 1Given the relationship: The tag handler MyTag extends SimpleTagSupport. At runtime, the doTag method throws a SkipPageException.Which three events occur after the SkipPageException is thrown?(Choose three.) A.    Evaluation of page2.jsp stops.B.    Evaluation of page1.jsp stops.C.    The MyTag instance is NOT reused.D.    Evaluation of page2.jsp continues.E.    Evaluation of page1.jsp continues. Answer: ACE

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QUESTION 1Given:20. public class CreditCard {21.22. private String cardID;23. private Integer limit;24. public String ownerName;25.26. public void setCardInformation(String cardID,27. String ownerName,28. Integer limit) {29. this.cardID = cardID;30. this.ownerName = ownerName;31. this.limit = limit;32. }33. }Which statement is true? A.    The ownerName variable breaks encapsulation.B.    The class is fully encapsulated.C.    The cardID and limit variables break […]

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QUESTION 1To take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers that use web standards, such as XHTML and CSS, your web application is being converted from simple JSP pages to JSP Document format. However, one of your JSPs, /scripts/screenFunctions.jsp, generates a JavaScript file. This file is included in several web forms to create screen-specific validation […]

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-853 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Given:10. class One {11. void foo() { }12. }13. class Two extends One {14. //insert method here15. }Which three methods, inserted individually at line 14, will correctly complete class Two? (Choose three.) A.    public void foo() { /* more code here */ }B.    private void foo() { /* more code here */ }C.    protected […]

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QUESTION 1Given:1. public class Base {2. public static final String FOO = “foo”;3. public static void main(String[] args) {4. Base b = new Base();5. Sub s = new Sub();6. System.out.print(Base.FOO);7. System.out.print(Sub.FOO);8. System.out.print(b.FOO);9. System.out.print(s.FOO);10. System.out.print(((Base)s).FOO);11. } }12. class Sub extends Base {public static final String FOO=”bar”;}What is the result? A.    foofoofoofoofooB.    foobarfoobarbarC.    foobarfoofoofooD.    foobarfoobarfooE.    barbarbarbarbarF.    foofoofoobarbarG.    […]

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QUESTION 1Given a pre-generics implementation of a method:public static int sum(List list) {int sum = 0;for ( Iterator iter = list.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); ) {int i = ((Integer)iter.next()).intValue();sum += i;}return sum;}What three changes allow the class to be used with generics and avoid an unchecked warning? (Choose three.) A.    Remove line 14.B.    Replace line 14 with […]

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QUESTION 1Which types of communication would the functions within service operation use?1. Communication between data centre shifts2. Communication related to changes3. Performance reporting4. Routine operational communication A.    1 onlyB.    2 and 3 onlyC.    1, 2 and 4 onlyD.    All of the above Answer: D

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QUESTION 1What is the CLI command to enable Access Logix? A.    naviseccli -h <SP_name> accesslogix -onB.    naviseccli -h <SP_name> storagegroup -enableC.    naviseccli -h <SP_name> accesslogix -enableD.    naviseccli -h <SP_name> storagegroup -on Answer: BExplanation:The CLI equivalent is the command “naviseccli -h <SP_name> storagegroup -enable”. Once enabled, Access Logix can be disabled only via the CLI command […]

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