2014 Latest EXIN EX0-102 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1What is a description of Governance? A.    How IT resources will be used to meet goals and deliver business valueB.    a process that ensures individualsare aware of regulations, policies, and procedures that must be followed as a result of senior management decisions managementC.    Who holds the authority to make decisions, determines accountability for actions […]

2014 Latest EMC E20-001 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1Data is being replicated from site A to site B using disk buffering to create extended distance consistent point in time copies every hour. In the event of a site failure at A, what is the maximum amount of data that will be missing at site B? A.    1 hourB.    2 hoursC.    3 hoursD.    […]

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-027 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which two statements are true about the use of direct path loads when selecting from external tables in a database on a Database Machine? A.    INSERT INTO . . . SELECT FROM statements, executed serially, which select from external tables, require the APPEND hint to use direct path loading.B.    CREATE TABLE . . . […]

2014 Latest CompTIA 225-030 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1What items need to be evaluated when choosing a scanner? A.    Documents, images, and storage mediumB.    Resolution, compression, and memoryC.    Workflow, ease of use, and productivityD.    Interface, resolution, and paper handling Answer: D QUESTION 2When designing the input environment for the proposed Document Management System (DMS), which of the following MUST be considered? A.    […]

2014 Latest CompTIA ADR-001 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1An architectural review is BEST for finding which of the following security defects? A.    Malware infection vectorsB.    SQL or other injection flawsC.    Design flawsD.    Zero-day vulnerabilities Answer: C QUESTION 2Which of the following describes a security risk that may have to be accepted when using a commercial cross-platform mobile application framework? A.    Allowing code […]

2014 Latest CompTIA 220-701 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1A technician installs an additional hard drive controller. Which of the following processes will MOST likely prevent errors? A.    1) Apply System Updates2) Update the BIOS3) Install the card4) Install the driver5) Upgrade the Card FirmwareB.    1) Install the card2) Update the BIOS3) Upgrade the Card Firmware4) Install the driver5) Apply System UpdatesC.    1) […]

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-144 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the EMP table.Which stages are performed when the above block is executed? (Choose all that apply)  A.    BindB.    ParseC.    FetchD.    Execute Answer: BCD QUESTION 2Which system events can be used to create triggers that fire both at database and schema levels? (Choose all that apply) A.    […]

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-047 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the ORDERS table.You have to display ORDER_ID, ORDER_DATE, and CUSTOMER_ID for all those orders that were placed after the last order placed by the customer whose CUSTOMER_ID is 101.Which query would give you the desired output?  A.    SELECT order_id, order_date FROM ordersWHERE order_date > ALL (SELECT […]

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-822 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1You have assigned rights profiles directly to the uses frank and now you want to add another profile. Which command enables you to list profiles directly assigned to frank? A.    userattr profiles frankB.    profiles – p frankC.    useratter -p frankD.    profiles frank Answer: BExplanation:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26502_01/html/E36219/rights-1.html (see the example 9-1)

2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-821 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1What determines which bits in an IP address represent the subnet, and which represent the host? A.    SubnetB.    unicastC.    netmaskD.    multicastE.    broadcast Answer: C QUESTION 2Which two accurately identify features of a Solaris 10 branded zone? A.    executes in a Solaris 10 global zoneB.    is created by importing a Solaris 10 flash archiveC.    enables […]

2014 Latest CompTIA LX0-101 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1You need to generate a report on all of the Exchange Server 2007 computers in your Exchange organization. The report must include:– Operating system versionNumber of processors– Total physical memory– Number of storage groups– Number of mailbox databasesWhat should you do? A.    Run the Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List cmdlet.B.    Run the Get-OrganizationConfig cmdlet.C.    Run the […]

2014 Latest CompTIA LX0-102 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1When attempting to send a file to another user securely with GPG, which of the following actions must be done? A.    Encrypt the file using your public key.B.    Encrypt the file using their public key.C.    Encrypt the file using your private key.D.    Encrypt the file using their private key.E.    Sign the file with your […]

2014 Latest CompTIA SG0-001 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1An administrator is attempting to recover corrupted data from a four disk RAID group. However, the administrator does not know which RAID level was used. When investigating the volumes, the administrator notes that there is a duplicate of all data on two of the disks. Which of the following RAID levels was in use? […]

2014 Latest Juniper JN0-643 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which command prevents Layer 2 loops if the switch stops receiving spanning-tree keepalives on port ge-1/0/1? A.    [edit protocols rstp]user@switch# showinterface ge-1/0/1 {  bpdu-block;}B.    [edit protocols layer2-control]user@switch# showinterface ge-1/0/1 {  bpdu-time-out-action {    block;    alarm;  }}C.    [edit protocols layer2-control]user@switch# showbpdu-block {  interface ge-1/0/1;}D.    [edit protocols rstp]interface ge-1/0/1{  no-root-port;} Answer: D QUESTION 2Click the Exhibit button. You […]

2014 Latest Juniper JN0-533 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Your ScreenOS device does not have a static IP address. You want to be able to access it using its FQDN. How would you implement this task? A.    Configure a domain in DNS.B.    Configure syslog.C.    Configure SNMP.D.    Configure DDNS. Answer: D QUESTION 2You have just installed a new ScreenOS device in your network and […]

2014 Latest Juniper JN0-355 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1What does Junos Pulse Collaboration provide? A.    group instant messaging servicesB.    Web-based meeting servicesC.    corporate file sharing servicesD.    conference call services Answer: C QUESTION 2What does Secure Virtual Workspace (SVW) provide? A.    a virtual desktop on a client desktopB.    protected file storage on a remote serverC.    a protected workspace on a client virtual machineD.    […]

2014 Latest Juniper JN0-343 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, R1, R2, and R3 boot at the same time. Several minutes later, R4 boots.After R4 has been online for 40 seconds, which router will be the OSPF designated router? A.    R1B.    R2C.    R3D.    R4 Answer: B QUESTION 2Click the Exhibit button.routing-options {router-id;}policy-options {policy-statement loadbalance {term 1 […]

2014 Latest Juniper JN0-102 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1Which network mask is the equivalent of A.    /20B.    /21C.    /22D.    /23 Answer: B QUESTION 2Which login class permission will allow a user to use the telnet utility? A.    Network permissionB.    Maintenance permissionC.    Supervisor permissionD.    Shell permission Answer: A QUESTION 3Which command do you issue to upgrade the current software on Junos devices? […]

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