2014 Latest Microsoft 70-416 Exam Dumps Free Download(31-40)!

QUESTION 31You need to configure security for the HR users to meet the application requirements What should you configure in Group Policy Management Editor? A.    Security OptionsB.    Restricted GroupsC.    Public Key PoliciesD.    Application Control Policies Answer: D QUESTION 32You need to configure the virtualized applications to ensure that they download fully before they can run […]

2014 Latest Microsoft 70-415 Exam Dump Free Download(61-70)!

QUESTION 61 You need to ensure that the line-of-business applications run successfully for the sales users. The solution must meet the sales department requirements. What should you do? A.    On the RD Virtualization Host servers, install the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience feature. B.    On the RD Connection Broker servers, modify the deployment properties. C.    […]

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