Official 2014 Latest Microsoft 70-412 Exam Dump Free Download(311-320)!

QUESTION 311You have five servers that run Windows Server 2012 R2. The servers have the Failover Clustering feature installed. You deploy a new cluster named Cluster1. Cluster1 is configured as shown in the following table. Server1, Server2, and Server3 are configured as the preferred owners of the cluster roles.Dynamic quorum management is disabled.You plan to perform […]

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QUESTION 1Your company plans to implement a monitoring solution for application licenses. The corporate management policy states that all newly deployed technologies must be cloudbased. You need to recommend a license monitoring solution that meets the management policy. Which license monitoring solution should you recommend? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal.Select the […]

Official 2014 Latest Microsoft 70-412 Exam Dump Free Download(281-290)!

QUESTION 281Your network contains an Active Directory forest named frequently access the website of an external partner company. The URL of the website is partner company informs you that it will perform maintenance on its Web server and that the IP addresses of the Web server will change.After the change is complete, the […]

Official 2014 Latest Microsoft 70-412 Exam Dump Free Download(271-280)!

QUESTION 271Your network contains an Active Directory domain named You create a new Group Policy object (GPO) named GPO1.You need to verify that GPO1 was replicated to all of the domain controllers.Which tool should you use? A.    GpupdateB.    GpresultC.    Group Policy ManagementD.    Active Directory Sites and Services Answer: C QUESTION 272Your network contains two […]

Official 2014 Latest Microsoft 70-412 Exam Dump Free Download(261-270)!

QUESTION 261Your network contains a Hyper-V host named Server1 that hosts 20 virtual machines. You need to view the amount of memory resources and processor resources each virtual machine uses currently.Which tool should you use on Server1? A.    Hyper-V ManagerB.    Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM)C.    Task ManagerD.    Resource Monitor Answer: AExplanation:You get it from the […]

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