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A field engineer has been asked to setup Advanced Performance Monitoring to measure the traffic between a FICON host/target pair. Which two types of advanced monitoring are available? (Choose two.)

A.    load sharing
B.    role-based
C.    filter-based
D.    Top Talkers

Answer: CD

Which two additional values can SAN Health provide to FICON customers? (Choose two.)

A.    IOCP IODEVICE entries are documented in the Excel worksheets.
B.    Allow/prohibit matrix correlation to IOCP definitions are verified.
C.    IOCP path information is checked against the Director port definitions.
D.    SAN Health creates an Excel worksheet with CHPIDs CNTLUNITs including current ONLINE/OFFLINE status.

Answer: CD

You need to enable RMF to be able to read the statistics from a FICON Director. Which two tasks must you complete? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable z/OS to use CUP.
B.    Install the RMF Reporting feature on the FICON Director.
C.    Install the FICON Director Activity Report feature on the FICON Director.
D.    Enable CUP on the FICON Director.

Answer: BC

A customer wants to compare, verify, and document the cascaded configuration. The channel definitions will be matched to path statements and I/O definitions. Which tool can be used to accomplish this?

A.    Fabric OS command supportsave
B.    Fabric OS command configupload
C.    DCFM “Backup Switch Configurations” feature
D.    Load IOCP Files feature of SAN Health

Answer: D

A customer wants to merge two cascaded FICON fabrics and use the DCFM “FICON Merge Fabrics” wizard to identify conflicts. Which two conflicts would be identified? (Choose two.)

A.    DCC policies
B.    buffers-to-buffer credits
C.    VC priority
D.    port swap settings

Answer: BC

A customer wants to configure Top Talkers in fabric mode to monitor real-time performance data using DCFM for the FICON connections. At the same time the customer wants to use other Top Talkers for other connections. Which two statements must be considered? (Choose two.)

A.    Top Talkers requires the Advance Performance Monitoring (APM) license on the device.
B.    A Top Talkers fabric mode and Top Talkers F_Port mode can be configured on the same fabric.
C.    A Top Talkers fabric mode and Top Talkers end-to-end monitor cannot be configured on the same fabric.
D.    Top Talkers only produces historical performance data.

Answer: AC

A user wants to disable failover on a Traffic Isolation (TI) Zone. What should be considered before disabling failover?

A.    Ensure that the TI Zone only contains WWPNs.
B.    A TI Zone with only E_Ports is created and failover must be enabled.
C.    Disabling failover does affect local connectivity.
D.    Ensure there are alternate paths through the fabric for devices that are not in a TI Zone.

Answer: D

You must configure a cascaded FICON fabric using Brocade DCXs. Both zoning and PDCM are implemented to control connectivity between ports. What is an important rule to consider when implementing both PDCM and zoning in this fabric?

A.    Zoning implementation takes precedence over the PDCM configuration.
B.    In case of conflicts, the most restrictive rules take precedence.
C.    PDCM configuration takes precedence over the effective zoning implementation.
D.    The host, through CUP, handles PDCM and zoning conflicts.

Answer: B

Which three tasks are configured in the DCFM FICON configuration wizard? (Choose three.)

A.    Turn on the insistent domain ID flag (IDID) on all switches.
B.    Configure the Allow/Prohibit Matrix.
C.    Enable exchange-based routing or port-based routing.
D.    Configure the DCC policy on switches in the fabric.
E.    Set high integrity fabric configuration on all switches in the fabric.

Answer: ACE

Which two statements describe the differences between blocking and prohibiting? (Choose two.)

A.    Prohibit turns off read operations.
B.    Block turns off write operations.
C.    Block disables a port.
D.    Prohibit will not let two ports communicate.

Answer: AB

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