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You want to generate a FICON Director Report for multiple FICON enabled Directors. Which two steps are completed? (Choose two.)

A.    The master RMF requests information from each Director’s logical FE port.
B.    From the master RMF request, each Director generates its own FICON Director Report and sends that information to all LPARs.
C.    The master RMF distributes the Director’s logical FE port information only to the RMF LPAR.
D.    Each Director’s logical FE port information is sent to master RMF.

Answer: AD

Which application provides a built-in FTP server used to manage firmware?

A.    DCFM
B.    Element Manager
C.    Web Tools
D.    SANtegrity

Answer: A

A customer is facing problems in a B-Series Director fabric. Their support provider requests additional information. What FICON-specific information is captured in the supportsave file? (Choose three.)

A.    RNID
B.    EMIF configuration
C.    FMS mode
D.    RAID level
E.    LIRR

Answer: ACE

Given the system error message shown below, which parameter value should be changed? IOS051I INTERFACE TIMEOUT DETECTED ON 24FE,6F,E4,**02,PCHID=0411

A.    ED_TOV
B.    RA_TOV

Answer: D

Your customer advises that they have incurred some link incidents in the fabric, but they do not see link incident reports posted on the z/OS system consoles where they are expecting them. The customer wants to know whether there is a way for them to tell which CHPID is being used as the Link Incident Registered Recipient (LIRR) reporting path. What should you tell the customer?

A.    Advise them that the LIRR path is set by the z/OS host, and cannot be modified by the switch.
B.    Ask the customer to check the z/OS console and the HMC, and see whether any of their FICON
channels have lost connectivity to the fabric.
C.    Tell the customer to check port statistics on the switch, and see which ports may have logged
Link Incidents.
D.    Tell the customer to open the Element Manager for the switch, and check whether a LIRR has
been set.

Answer: D

Linux servers and storage were recently added to a Director previously used only for a FICON environment. The Linux servers discovered the FICON DASD. You find that default zoning was configured for all access and no other zoning was implemented. To ensure no disruption in service, which approach to making zoning changes should you implement?

A.    Set the default zone to no access; implement Domain Index (D,I) zoning for the FICON connections; implement WWN zoning for the open systems environment.
B.    Create a D,I zone with all the FICON ports; create WWN zones for Linux nodes; activate the new
zone configuration.
C.    Create and activate a WWN zone for all FICON connections; set the default zone to no access;
create and activate WWN zones for Linux nodes.
D.    Create and activate a D,I zone for all FICON connections; set the default zone to no access; create
and activate WWN zones for Linux nodes.

Answer: B

A customer is unable to bring a CHPID online to establish a path to the switch. Which three should be used to gather data for problem determination? (Choose three.)

A.    DCFM
B.    RACF
C.    CLI
D.    SAN Health
E.    RMF

Answer: ACD

You are restoring power to a FICON Director using CUP that previously had all ports fully functional. You are notified that connectivity has been lost on some ports after the power was restored. Which setting would have prevented this loss of connectivity?

A.    persistent binding
B.    portcfgpersistentenable
C.    Active=Saved
D.    Active=Persist

Answer: C

A customer is displaying Brocade DCX-4S switch statistics to determine the cause of a performance problem with tapes during a backup. The counter tim_txcrd_z (Time TX Credit Zero) is incrementing in the port statistics display and that the frame pacing counter on the RMF FICON Director Activity report is a non-zero value, but there is a slight discrepancy in the reported values. What would be the cause?

A.    portstatsshow counter (tim_txcrd_z) is incremented when the DCX-4S port buffers are 0 during a 2.5 microsecond interval.
B.    The RMF frame pacing statistic is incremented when the DCX-4S port delays frames for buffer credits
being 0 for a 10 second interval.
C.    Both values are displaying the same counter but may differ depending upon the sampling time.
D.    The Director Activity report frame pacing counter is incremented when the DCX-4S port buffers reach 0 during a 2.5 microsecond interval.

Answer: C

For performance improvements, the recommended buffer-to-buffer credits on a Director port are related to which two values? (Choose two.)

A.    core size of the single-mode fiber used in the physical link
B.    speed of the physical link
C.    core size of the multi-mode fiber used in the physical link
D.    length of the physical link

Answer: BD

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