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A systems programmer has implemented FICON Express8 channels on the System z mainframe. What is the maximum, certified, effective full duplex data transfer rate that is possible on any of these CHPIDs?

A.    540 MB/sec; full duplex
B.    740 MB/sec; full duplex
C.    840 MB/sec; full duplex
D.    940 MB/sec; full duplex

Answer: B

A systems programmer in a System z10 environment is asked to develop a technical justification for migrating away from ESCON and onto a FICON infrastructure and FICON storage devices. Which three FICON benefits would support this project? (Choose three.)

A.    channel path consolidation
B.    I/O priority queuing enabled
C.    FICON bridge card improvements
D.    zHPF support
E.    FICON/FCP intermix

Answer: ADE

You will be migrating several hundred Windows/Intel servers to Linux on your System z10. Which statement describes the difference between the FICON Express8 channels and the FCP channels used with Linux?

A.    FCP channels require you to use multimode short wave optics.
B.    FCP channels on a System z10EC only have two ports on the FICON Express8 channel card.
C.    FCP channels will use the QDIO architecture for direct memory access.
D.    FCP channels do not support NPIV on the z10EC while FICON channels do.

Answer: C

What are two z/OS features you can use with your System z10 and an appropriate storage array to improve the performance of DB2? (Choose two.)

A.    Channel spanning with Multiple Image Linux Facility
C.    Brocade Accelerator for FICON
D.    z High Performance FICON (zHPF)

Answer: BD

A customer is planning on connecting a new storage array at 8 Gbps. The storage vendor has recommended that the Fill Word should be set to IDLE/IDLE. Which step must be taken to verify that the Director port is configured correctly?

A.    Use DCFM to verify a Fill Word setting of 1.
B.    Use CLI to verify a Fill Word setting of 3.
C.    Use HCM to verify IOCP for IDLE/IDLE on this port.
D.    Use CLI to verify a Fill Word setting of 0.

Answer: D

To use Systems Automation to manage a FICON switch, which two conditions must be satisfied? (Choose two.)

A.    The MIHPTO is set to 180 seconds.
B.    PDCM active configuration has been saved.
C.    The FICON Management Server license is installed.
D.    The CU is defined as 2032 in the IOCP.

Answer: CD

You are using channel extension with FICON Acceleration between two remote sites using Brocade 7800s and a cascaded DCX. You need to isolate paths to specific ports. Which feature should you use?

A.    TI Zone with failover disabled
B.    TI Zone with failover enabled
C.    Principal Switch Path Control
D.    Preferred Path

Answer: A

There are three data centers as shown in the exhibit.


Two data centers need to be on line at all times and each data center can backup the adjacent data center. The IOCP is configured such that when there are no failures, some CHPIDs have paths defined for storage in all three data centers. All data centers are using Brocade DCXs interconnected using direct (no DWDM) single mode fiber at less than 3 km. Which three elements must be implemented? (Choose three.)

A.    smart optics
B.    TI Zones
C.    Domain Index (D,I) zones
D.    PDCM
E.    high integrity fabric

Answer: BCE

A customer would like to implement a B-Series cascaded FICON fabric solution and ensure a fabric- wide consistency policy. Which feature must be used to accomplish this?

A.    Tolerant SCC policy must be enabled.
B.    Tolerant SCC policy must be disabled.
C.    Strict SCC policy must be disabled.
D.    Strict SCC policy must be enabled.

Answer: D

Your customer is implementing a FICON cascaded fabric in a pure Fabric OS environment. You are asked to validate if there is a hop of concern. What will you look for in the design?

A.    A hop of concern is defined as only an FCIP link.
B.    A hop of concern is defined as any ISL between Directors.
C.    A hop of concern is a predictable route between Directors.
D.    A hop of concern is defined as a point in a fabric where a frame could take an alternate route.

Answer: D

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