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What type of packet creates and performs network operations on a network device?

A.    data plane packets
B.    management plane packets
C.    services plane packets
D.    control plane packets

Answer: D

Which two statements about stateless firewalls are true? (Choose two.)

A.    They compare the 5-tuple of each incoming packet against configurable rules.
B.    They cannot track connections.
C.    They are designed to work most efficiently with stateless protocols such as HTTP or HTTPS.
D.    Cisco IOS cannot implement them because the platform is stateful by nature.
E.    The Cisco ASA is implicitly stateless because it blocks all traffic by default.

Answer: AB

What three actions are limitations when running IPS in promiscuous mode? (Choose three.)

A.    deny attacker
B.    deny packet
C.    modify packet
D.    request block connection
E.    request block host
F.    reset TCP connection

Answer: ABC

Which command will configure a Cisco ASA firewall to authenticate users when they enter the enable syntax using the local database with no fallback method?

A.    aaa authentication enable console LOCAL SERVER_GROUP
B.    aaa authentication enable console SERVER_GROUP LOCAL
C.    aaa authentication enable console local
D.    aaa authentication enable console LOCAL

Answer: D

Which accounting notices are used to send a failed authentication attempt record to a AAA server? (Choose two.)

A.    start-stop
B.    stop-record
C.    stop-only
D.    stop

Answer: AC

If the native VLAN on a trunk is different on each end of the link, what is a potential consequence?

A.    The interface on both switches may shut down
B.    STP loops may occur
C.    The switch with the higher native VLAN may shut down
D.    The interface with the lower native VLAN may shut down

Answer: B

Which type of IPS can identify worms that are propagating in a network?

A.    Policy-based IPS
B.    Anomaly-based IPS
C.    Reputation-based IPS
D.    Signature-based IPS

Answer: B

By which kind of threat is the victim tricked into entering username and password information at a disguised website?

A.    Spoofing
B.    Malware
C.    Spam
D.    Phishing

Answer: D

Which Cisco product can help mitigate web-based attacks within a network?

A.    Adaptive Security Appliance
B.    Web Security Appliance
C.    Email Security Appliance
D.    Identity Services Engine

Answer: B

Which statement correctly describes the function of a private VLAN?

A.    A private VLAN partitions the Layer 2 broadcast domain of a VLAN into subdomains
B.    A private VLAN partitions the Layer 3 broadcast domain of a VLAN into subdomains
C.    A private VLAN enables the creation of multiple VLANs using one broadcast domain
D.    A private VLAN combines the Layer 2 broadcast domains of many VLANs into one major
broadcast domain

Answer: A

Which Cisco feature can help mitigate spoofing attacks by verifying symmetry of the traffic path?

A.    Unidirectional Link Detection
B.    Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
C.    TrustSec
D.    IP Source Guard

Answer: B


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