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Refer to the Exhibit. You need to ensure that changes to the fabric can only be initiated from the switch in data center DC. Referring to the exhibit, which configuration will achieve this?


A.    Create an SCC policy on the switch with DID2, save the SCC policy
B.    Create an FCS policy on the switch with DID2, save the FCS policy
C.    Create an SCC policy on the switch with DID2, activate the SCC policy
D.    Create an FCS policy on the switch with DID2, activate the FCS policy

Answer: D

You need to restrict users who are allowed to access a new Brocade DCX 8510-8. The user credentials and passwords must be centralized and identical on all Brocade DCX 8510-8s. Which two configurations will achieve this? (Choose two)

A.    Configure LDAP authentication on all switches
B.    Configure LDAP authentication on the principal switch
C.    Configure RADIUS authentication on the principal switch
D.    Configure RADIUS authentication on all switches

Answer: BD

You must manage the zoning on four Brocade DCX 8510-8 fabrics. Which tool would you use?

A.    Brocade Network Advisor Professional
B.    Brocade Network Advisor Professional Plus
C.    Brocade SAN Health
D.    Brocade Network Advisor Enterprise

Answer: B

What must you consider when configuring EE trunk monitors?

A.    Monitors are only valid on F_Ports of the Brocade 6510.
B.    Monitors will slow traffic flowing through the fabric.
C.    Monitors do not support traffic from third-party vendor HBAs.
D.    Monitor data storage is limited to prevent exceeding the flash memory.

Answer: D

You have been asked to collect real-time performance data on the 8 Gbps ISLs within you fabric to troubleshoot problems being reported by users. Which two tools capture this data? (Choose two)

A.    DCFM
B.    SAN Health
C.    Brocade health
D.    Brocade Network Advisor

Answer: BD

Which management application changes your Brocade SMI integrated agent security settings?

A.    Brocade Command Utility
B.    Web Tools
C.    Brocade Network Advisor
D.    Host Connectivity Manager

Answer: C

You are having congestion problems on your Fabric OS v7.0 fabric and want to locate the Top Talkers on the ISLs and the F_Ports at the same time. Which monitoring utility would you use?

A.    APM
B.    HCM
C.    NET Health
D.    SAN Health

Answer: A

You are troubleshooting an ISL issue and you would like to isolate the ISL to diagnose the link level faults. What would you configure?

A.    N_Port
B.    VC_link init mode
C.    R_RDY mode
D.    D_Port

Answer: D

You need to implement an FCIP solution with a 1 Gbps FCIP tunnel using copper connections. Which two Brocade products will provide the solution? (Choose two)

A.    Brocade DCX 8510-4 with an FR4-18i blade
B.    Brocade DCX with an FX8-24 blade
C.    Brocade 7800 switch
D.    Brocade DCX with an FCoE 10-24 blade

Answer: BC

Which two brocades Fabric OS v7.0 features must be disabled when configuring a port for distance using a Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) third-party link that requires ISL R_RDY?

A.    TI Zones
B.    QoS
C.    Credit recovery
D.    Admin Domain

Answer: BC

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