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You have enabled FMS on a Brocade DCX FICON Director so you can have the FICON Director Activity Report (RMF 74-7) record. You look for the RMF reports and notice that the RMF 74-7 record is not being created for the FICON Directors. You have verified that FMS licenses are installed and enabled and the DCXs are properly configured in the sysgen. What is keeping the RMF 74-7 records from being created?

A.    You need to use 2-byte link addressing.
B.    You did not enable RMF reporting in DCFM.
C.    You did not specify “FCD” in your ERBRMFxx parmlib member.
D.    You need to activate RMF in DCX.

Answer: C

What can show average PEND and CONN times that should be used as the starting point for a channel I/O analysis in conjunction with the FICON Director Activity Report?

A.    SAN Health
B.    the RMF Direct Access Device Activity Report
C.    the RMF Channel Path Activity Report
D.    Advanced Performance Monitor

Answer: B

You have FMS licenses installed on your Brocade DCX FICON Directors. You use the FICON Director activity report and collect RMF data at five minute intervals. You are having problems with the CUP port being “boxed”. Which two changes should you make to solve this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Increase your Missing Interrupt Handler Process Timeout (MIHPTO) value setting.
B.    Decrease the RMF collection interval to 2 minutes and the MIHPTO setting to a lower value if possible.
C.    Increase the number of buffer credits on the Director port being used to pass the statistics to the LPAR collecting them.
D.    Increase the RMF collection interval to 15 minutes.

Answer: AD

Which two terms in command mode are used interchangeably in FICON to describe one I/O operation in progress? (Choose two.)

A.    data information buffer (DIB)
B.    exchange pair
C.    Open Exchange
D.    Information Unit (IU)

Answer: BC

You extensively use DB2 and have used MIDAW with great results. You recently purchased a System z10 and an appropriate storage array. You have all the z/OS code levels and DASD array microcode requirements met to implement z High Performance FICON (zHPF). You are running FICON Express8 and have Brocade DCX FICON Directors. Which statement is true?

A.    You need to order smart optics so the DCX can distinguish between zHPF and normal FICON traffic.
B.    You need to select zHPF on the FMS configuration screen.
C.    zHPF requires a virtual fabrics license so you can segment zHPF traffic from normal FICON traffic.
D.    There are no additional or special requirements to be done to a DCX for zHPF.

Answer: D

You have both FICON and FCP connections to a standalone Brocade DCX that does not have virtual fabrics enabled. Recently, the open systems team accidentally added mainframe DASD to a zone with a Linux server. Which feature should you use to provide an additional safeguard to prevent open systems servers from accessing mainframe storage without any disruption in service?

A.    TI Zoning
B.    PDCM
C.    Virtual Fabrics
D.    NPIV

Answer: B

You have four FICON Directors with 124 ports available. Your open systems SAN consists of four other Directors that are at end of lease. You are deciding whether or not to replace them with new Directors or use FICON/FCP intermix and use the 124 ports on the FICON Directors. What are three reasons for doing this? (Choose three.)

A.    IFL engines for Linux on z/VM can be used for z/OS processing.
B.    Cost savings can be realized by maintaining a common cable plant.
C.    Linux on z/VM systems can use CKD storage volumes.
D.    Linux servers can be consolidated by implementing Linux under z/VM.
E.    It allows sharing of resources in test, development, and quality assurance environments.

Answer: BDE

Your customer wishes to implement Brocade 7800s as a replacement for Brocade Edge M3000s in a FICON tape cascaded fabric. Which three should you consider? (Choose three.)

A.    Fabric Management
B.    TI Zoning
C.    SCC security policy
D.    F_Port Buffer Credit Allocation
E.    NPIV license

Answer: ABC

Your customer wishes to implement Brocade 7800s as a replacement for Brocade Edge M3000s in a FICON tape cascaded fabric that includes M-Series switches. Which three elements should you consider? (Choose three.)

A.    domain ID
B.    interop mode
C.    principal switch
D.    F_Port Buffer Credit Allocation
E.    NPIV license

Answer: ABC

A customer is deploying two FX8-24 blades to support their FICON disaster recovery environment. The customer is interested in having multiple circuits configured per FCIP tunnel. Which license must a customer purchase?

A.    Extended Fabric
B.    Advanced Extension
C.    Trunking
D.    Enterprise Extender

Answer: B

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