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In response to increased needs for higher density and more efficient OS resource utilization, Nano Server is foundational to the modern datacenter and is useful in two core scenarios: As a private cloud infrastructure it’s particularly useful for clustered Hyper-V, clustered storage and core networking services scenarios; or as an application platform it’s highly optimized for modern distributed and cloud-based apps which leverage containers and micro service architectures.
Is the following statement TRUE or FALSE?
A local interface with UI support is available for offline management of Nano Servers?


Answer: B
A local interface with UI support is NOT available for Nano servers. You must administer them remotely using PowerShell.

The Host Guardian Service supports two different deployments of a Guarded fabric (attestation modes). The statement below describes which mode?
Guarded hosts that can run Shielded VMs are approved based on their identity, measured boot sequence and code integrity policies so that you can ensure that these hosts are only running approved code.

A. Admin-trusted attestation
B. TPM-trusted attestation

Answer: B
TPM-trusted attestation offers the strongest possible protections but also requires more configuration steps. Host hardware and firmware must include TPM 2.0 and UEFI 2.3.1 with secure boot enabled.
TPM trusted attestation is the mode Microsoft recommend that you use because it offers stronger assurances but it requires that your Hyper-V hosts have TPM 2.0.

Virtual Network Manager (available from the Hyper-V Manager snap-in) offers three types of virtual networks that you can use to define various networking topologies for virtual machines and the virtualization server.
Which type of virtual network is isolated from all external network traffic on the virtualization server, as well any network traffic between the management operating system and the external network.

A. Private virtual network
B. Internal virtual network

Answer: A

You have decided to install Windows Server 2016 by choosing the Service Core Installation option. If you want to install, configure or uninstall server roles remotely, what tool would you use?

A. Any of these
B. Windows PowerShell
C. Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)
D. Server Manager

Answer: A

When you create a new SET team, you must configure the following team properties: Member adapters and Load balancing mode.
Which Load balancing mode ensures that outbound loads are distributed based on a hash of the TCP Ports and IP addresses.
This mode also re-balances loads in real time so that a given outbound flow can move back and forth between SET team members.

A. Dynamic
B. Hyper-V Port

Answer: A

For Windows Server 2016, Nano Server is distributed on the physical media, where you will find a NanoServer folder; this contains a .wim image and a subfolder called Packages. It is these package files that you use to add server roles and features to the VHD image, which you then boot to.
Assume that several variables have been configured already, which PowerShell command would you use to create a Nano Server which had the Hyper-V role, clustering, OEM Drivers and antimalware?

A. New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath $mediapath -BasePath $basepath -TargetPath $targetpath -ComputerName $computername -OEMDrivers -Clustering -Defender -Compute
B. New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath $mediapath -BasePath $basepath -TargetPath $targetpath – ComputerName $computername -OEMDrivers -Clustering -Storage – EnableRemoteManagementPort
C. New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath $mediapath -BasePath $basepath -TargetPath $targetpath – ComputerName $computername -OEMDrivers -Defender -Containers – EnableRemoteManagementPort
D. New-NanoServerImage -MediaPath $mediapath -BasePath $basepath -TargetPath $targetpath -ComputerName $computername -Defender -Storage -Compute – EnableRemoteManagementPort

Answer: A

You want to boot a Linux Operating System with the Secure Boot option enabled in a virtual machine.
This will be the first time you boot the OS. What must you do?

A. Set the -BootOrder to HardDiskDrive
B. Configure the virtual machine to use the Microsoft UEFI Certificate Authority
C. You can’t enable Secure Boot with Linux
D. Set -EnableSecureBoot without specifying a template

Answer: B
Linux operating systems running on newer generation virtual machines can boot with the Secure Boot option enabled. Before you boot the virtual machine for the first time, you must configure the virtual machine to use the Microsoft UEFI Certificate Authority. You can do this from Hyper-V Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, or an elevated Windows Powershell session.

Which terminology is being described below?
Time synchronization is critical for the proper operation of many Windows services and line-of- business applications. The ___ uses the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize computer clocks on the network so that an accurate clock value, or time stamp, can be assigned to network validation requests and resource access requests

A. Network Services Shell (Netsh)
B. Listsvc
C. Fixmbr
D. Windows Time service (W32time)

Answer: D
The correct answer is Windows Time service (W32time)

You have a Nano Server that runs Windows Server 2016. The Nano Server runs on a physical machine.
You have not Installed any packages on the server.
You attach a new disk to the server, and you initialize the disk as a GPT disk.
You need to create an RefS-formatted volume on the new disk.
What should you do first?

A. From the physical server, log on to the Nano Server Recovery Console.
B. Install the Mkrosoft-Nano’Server-Host-Package package.
C. Run me Format-Vokime cmdlet and specify the -FileSystem switch.
D. Install the Microsoft NanoServef-Storage-Package package.

Answer: C

After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it.
As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.
You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2016.
You plan to use Windows Server Backup to back up all of the data on Server1.
You create a new volume on Server1.
You need to ensure that the new volume can be used as a backup target.
The backup target must support incremental backups.
Solution: You mount the volume to C:\Backup, and you format the volume by using NTFS.
Does this meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: A

You create a Nano server image named Nano1.vhdx by using the New-NanoServerImage cmdlet.
You attach Nano1.vhdx to a Generation 1 virtual machine named Nano1.
When you start Nano1, you get the following error message:
“Boot failure. Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device”
You need to successfully start Nano server.
What should you do?

A. Attach Nano1.vhdx to a SCSIcontroller.
B. Recreate Nano1 as a Generation 2 virtual machine.
C. Increase the memory of Nano1 to 512 Mb.
D. Modify the BIOS settings of Nano1.

Answer: B
A Generation 1 VM cannot boot from a vhdx disk; only a Generation 2 VM can boot from an vhdx disk.

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