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New Question
Which connection would be used to describe ads that a smartphone sends as a person walks around a retail store?

A. machine-to-machine
B. business-to-consumer
C. machine-to-person
D. sensor-to-device

Answer: C

New Question
Which options are three examples of Critical Success Factors? (Choose three.)

A. Increasing manufacturing efficiency at a rate above increases in supplies
B. Attracting and retaining more highly qualified staff versus competitors
C. Providing a holistic perspective to the core business drivers and business outcomes
D. Matching customer retention rate to customer retention objective
E. Selling a greater share of profitable products to our customers

Answer: ABE

New Question
Which two dimensions are used in the stakeholder power grid? (Choose two.)

A. Influence/Authority
B. Power/Influence
C. Interest/Empathy
D. Interest/Support
E. Consensus/Support

Answer: BD

New Question
According to Cisco and related to customers, which is the one and only outstanding reason and justification for business outcome-based sales approach?

A. Executives are interested in satisfying customers’ needs and requirements.
B. Managers and supervisors are committed to close the quality of service gap.
C. Stakeholders are interested in being considered when developing and accessing business outcomes.
D. Customers are interested in solutions and services that result in measurable outcomes.

Answer: D

New Question
Which are the four types of requirements for aligning outcomes to business needs?

A. Business, Functional, Strategic, Tactical
B. Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Procedural
C. Functional, Operational, Administrative, Strategic
D. Business, Technical, Functional, Transitional

Answer: D

New Question
Which two main things must you know about stakeholders to identify where they fall in a power grid? (Choose two.)

A. role in company
B. degree of influence
C. size of budget
D. purchasing power
E. interest in results

Answer: BE

New Question
What are the phases of the Seven Elements framework?

A. Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Optimize.
B. Past, Present, Future.
C. Previous, Present, Posterior.
D. Before, In Between, After.

Answer: B

New Question
Which two questions are used during high level outcome selling? (Choose two.)

A. What are the technical restrictions of business?
B. How is progress vs. outcomes measured?
C. How does talent architecture influence the definition of business outcomes?
D. How are the goals of top executives achieved?
E. What capabilities are needed to achieve the outcomes?

Answer: BE

New Question
Which option must be understood before identifying business outcome opportunities?

A. organization chart
B. decision-making process
C. current technology plan
D. customer value proposition

Answer: D

New Question
On which two business maturity levels do Cisco Business Architects operate? (Choose two )

A. Business Engagement
B. Technology Solutions
C. Business Transformation
D. Technology Specify
E. Business Solutions

Answer: BD

New Question
Which role of a Project Sponsor is true?

A. stakeholder or stakeholders who have influence on the relationship between other stakeholders and the person delivering the message.
B. stakeholder or stakeholders who have requested the communication
C. stakeholder or stakeholders for whom the decision may either directly or indirectly impact
D. stakeholder or stakeholders who have the ultimate decision-making authority and influence

Answer: D


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