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New Question
Which description of HA on the 1000v is true?

A. Redundancy is provided by a standby VSM
B. Redundancy is provided by dual active VSM
C. Active/Standby VSMs are in a HA State
D. Active/Standby VSMs are not yet synchronized

Answer: C

New Question
Which description of EPG is true?

A. EPGs can only be linked to physical devices
B. Communication between EPGs is goverened by static path binding
C. EPGs can contain endpoints from multiple tennants
D. A single subnet can be extended across several EPGs

Answer: D

New Question
Which protocol is used to communicate end point mapping information to the spine proxy?

C. OpFlex

Answer: B

New Question
Which action must you take to implement VXLAN in an environment that runs nexus 1000v essential edition?

A. Enable the feature using feature vxlan-gateway command
B. Enable the feature using feature segmentation
C. Purchase and install 1000v enterprise edition license
D. Purchase and install 1000v advanced edition license

Answer: B

New Question
What action does a VEM on 1000v take when an untagged packet is received on an access port?

A. Drops the packet
B. Adds the ports access VLAN to the packet
C. Forwards the packet as is
D. Adds a native VLAN tag to the packet

Answer: B

New Question
When configuring SVS domain in L2 mode on 1000v which 3 are required?

A. Packet VLAN
B. ttribute
C. Domain ID
D. Port Profile
E. Control VLAN
F. Port group

Answer: ACE

New Question
Physical interface, except mgmt0, can be shared between storage and user VDC when using which protocol?

B. Fibre Channel

Answer: A

New Question
Refer to the Exhibits. The blade server has two HBAs. How many WWPN targets on VSAN 2001 are accessible to the blade server?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Answer: D

New Question
Which two Cisco UCS components require drivers? (Choose two )

D. board controller

Answer: AE

New Question
You have a Cisco UCS system. You need to create VSAN 100 on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series switch and to enable switch port fc 1/10 as a member for the VSAN. Which command set should you use?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: C

New Question
You have a server that has a Cisco UCS CNA. A service profile that has a vNIC and a vHBA is mapped to fabric A. The vNIC is configured to use VLAN 10. VLAN 10 is the native VLAN for the vNIC. The vHBA is configured to use VSAN 2.
Which description of the configuration is true?

A. VSAN 3 can be configured by using VLAN 10 as the FCoE VLAN ID
B. VSAN 2 can read traffic on VLAN 5.
C. VLAN 10 and VSAN 2 must use the same ID
D. VSAN 2 can be mapped to other VLANs in fabric A.

Answer: A


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