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Which of the following services belongs to NFSv4 and does not exist in NFSv3?

A. rpc.idmapd
B. rpc.statd
C. nfsd
D. rpc.mountd

Answer: A

Which of the following actions synchronizes UNIX passwords with the Samba passwords when the encrypted Samba password is changed using smbpasswd?

A. There are no actions to accomplish this since is not possible.
B. Run netvamp regularly, to convert the passwords.
C. Run winbind -sync, to synchronize the passwords.
D. Add unix password sync = yes to smb.conf
E. Add smb unix password = sync to smb.conf

Answer: D

In order to join a file server to the Active Directory domain intra.example.com, the following smb.conf has been created:

The command net ads join raises an error and the server is not joined to the domain. What should be done to successfully join the domain?

A. Change server role to ad member server to join an Active Directory domain instead of an NT4 domain.
B. Add realm = intra.example.com to the smb.conf and change workgroup to the domain’s netbios workgroup name.
C. Manually create a machine account in the Active Directory domain and specify the machine account’s name with 璘 when starting net ads join.
D. Remove the winbind enum users and winbind enum groups since winbind is incompatible with Active Directory domains.
E. Remove all idmap configuration stanzas since the id mapping is defined globally in an Active Directory domain and cannot be changed on a member server.

Answer: E

What does the samba-tool testparm command confirm regarding the Samba configuration?

A. The configuration loads successfully.
B. The service operates as expected.
C. The Samba services are started automatically when the system boots.
D. The netfilter configuration on the Samba server does not block any access to the services defined in the configuration.
E. All running Samba processes use the most recent configuration version.

Answer: A

Select the Samba option below that should be used if the main intention is to setup a guest printer service?

A. security = cups
B. security = ldap
C. security = pam
D. security = share
E. security = printing

Answer: D

The Samba configuration file contains the following lines:

A workstation is on the wired network with an IP address of but is unable to access the Samba server. A wireless laptop with an IP address can access the Samba server. Additional trouble shooting shows that almost every machine on the wired network is unable to access the Samba server.
Which alternate host allow declaration will permit wired workstations to connect to the Samba server without denying access to anyone else?

A. host allow =
B. host allow =
C. host deny =
D. host deny =
E. host allow = localhost

Answer: DE

Which keyword is used in the Squid configuration to define networks and times used to limit access to the service?

A. acl
B. allow
C. http_allow
D. permit

Answer: A

The following Apache HTTPD configuration has been set up to create a virtual host available at www.example.com and www2.example.com:

Even though Apache HTTPD correctly processed the configuration file, requests to both names are not handled correctly. What should be changed in order to ensure correct operations?

A. The configuration must be split into two VirtualHost sections since each virtual host may only have one name.
B. The port mentioned in opening VirtualHost tag has to be appended to the ServerName declaration’s values.
C. Both virtual host names have to be placed as comma separated values in one ServerName declaration.
D. Both virtual host names have to be mentioned in the opening VirtualHost tag.
E. Only one Server name declaration may exist, but additional names can be declared in ServerAlias options.

Answer: C

Given the following Squid configuration excerpt:
cache_dir ufs /var/spool/squid3/ 1024 16 256
Which of the following directories will exist directly within the directory /var/spool/squid3/? (Choose two.)

A. 0F
B. A0
C. 0b
E. 00

Answer: AC

Which of the following statements are true regarding Server Name Indication (SNI)? (Choose two.)

A. It supports transparent failover of TLS sessions from one web server to another.
B. It allows multiple SSL/TLS secured virtual HTTP hosts to coexist on the same IP address.
C. It enables HTTP servers to update the DNS of their virtual hosts’ names using the X 509 certificates of the virtual hosts.
D. It provides a list of available virtual hosts to the client during the TLS handshake.
E. It submits the host name of the requested URL during the TLS handshake.

Answer: BE

Which Apache HTTPD configuration directive specifies the RSA private key that was used in the generation of the SSL certificate for the server?

A. SSLCertificateKeyFile
B. SSLKeyFile
C. SSLPrivateKeyFile

Answer: A


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