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A small office owner has asked a technician to ensure all users in the office have the ability to access the wireless network but that the network is not accessible outside the building. Which of the following should the technician recommend? (Choose two.)

A. Change the static IP addresses
B. Change the antenna placement
C. Change the default SSID
D. Change the radio power level
E. Change the encryption type
F. Change the content filtering settings

Answer: BD

A technician for an enterprise company is determining the best method to keep the organization’s Windows PCs up to date with OS security patches. Which of the following options would be MOST appropriate to deploy?

A. Invest in a server solution to deploy virtual hosted desktops for all users
B. Enable Windows updates to be installed manually by users
C. Validate OS security patches in a test environment before pushing them to user machines
D. Outsource OS security patch management to a third-party solution provider

Answer: C

A user who is running Windows XP calls a technician to upgrade the computer to a newer Windows OS. The user states the computer has only 1GB of RAM and 16GB of hard drive space with a 1.7GHz processor. Which of the following Oss should the technician recommend to ensure the BEST performance on this computer?

A. Windows 7
B. Windows 8
C. Windows 8.1
D. Windows 10

Answer: A

A technician is troubleshooting an application install on a Linux PC and cannot install the application. Which of the following would be the BEST tool for the technician to use to install the application?

A. pwd
B. su
C. sudo
D. ls
E. sfc

Answer: C

The network administrator is investigating latency on a WiFi network. The administrator discovers a number of unidentified devices connected and wishes to limit access to only authorized users. Which of the following will BEST meet the requirement?

A. Assign static IP addresses
B. Enable MAC filtering
C. Disable SSID broadcast
D. Limit the DHCP scope

Answer: B

A user has changed the MAC address of a laptop to gain access to a network. This is an instance of:

A. spoofing
B. brute force
C. man-in-the-middle
D. a botnet

Answer: A

Which of the following is the MAIN reason that corporate policies protect access to PII?

A. To protect proprietary company data
B. To reduce the likelihood of identity theft
C. To maintain the integrity of knowledge management systems
D. To limit access to those who “need to know”

Answer: B

A technician performs an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 to 8.1. After the upgrade is complete, a user reports that a frequently used file will not open. Instead, the user is prompted to search the Windows Store for an appropriate program to open the file. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A. Install the most recent Windows updates
B. Verify the USMT worked properly
C. Reconfigure the default program for the file type
D. Perform System Restore
E. Reinstall the program that is usually used to open the file

Answer: A

A technician is working on a computer when the PC suddenly experiences a blue screen and restarts before the technician can note the error message. The computer boots up normally, and the technician now wants to know which error message was displayed. Which of the following should the technician use to help troubleshoot the issue?

A. sfc
B. msconfig
C. regedit32
D. eventvwr
E. msinfo32

Answer: D

An administrator needs to create a new folder on a Windows PC. Which of the following commands should the administrator use?

A. cd
B. md
C. sc
D. ftp
E. mkdir

Answer: E

A home user reports the PC is running slow, and pop-up advertisements are appearing on screen. The user can access the Internet and performs an antivirus scan. A technician is now troubleshooting the problem and cannot update the antivirus to the latest definitions or navigate to the vendor’s support website. Which of the following is the BEST next step to resolve this issue?

A. Uninstall the antivirus program and apply operating system patches
B. Utilize a different antivirus program and scan method
C. Format and reinstall
D. Reinstall the antivirus program from a shared executable

Answer: B


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