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What is a key benefit of using Cisco UCS C-Series servers instead of Cisco UCS B-Series servers?

A. Cisco UCS C-Series servers provide more flexible disk and add-on card options.
B. Cisco UCS C-Series servers provide better processor efficiency.
C. Cisco UCS C-Series servers reduce wiring complexity.
D. Cisco UCS C-Series servers are rack-mountable servers.

Answer: A

Which benefit is realized by using a fabric extender?

A. improved data rates
B. reduced routing complexity
C. cut-through local, nonblocking switching
D. central control and management by its parent switch

Answer: D

The number of vNICs and vHBAs that can be defined on virtual interface cards in the servers that are connected to FEX is dependent on what?

A. the number of HBA cards
B. the number of VSANs
C. the number of uplinks
D. the number of FEX devices

Answer: D

Which description of the purpose of an ACI is true?

A. exposes parts of an application to be consumed or interacted with by another application.
B. provides a software framework for developers to build applications
C. provides a secure platform to authenticate internal users
D. assists developers to understand the underlying code of an application

Answer: A

Which description of a VNTag is true?

A. A VNTag is inserted between the source MAC address and the 802.1Q field.
B. The VNTag is used to identify the service level that is granted to a frame.
C. A VNTag is based on the destination MAC address and the 802.1Q field.
D. A VNTag requires a Cisco Nexus 1000v Series Switch.

Answer: A

Which two elements does a workflow template contain? (Choose two.)

A. task names
B. workflow structure
C. admin input values
D. custom tasks
E. script modules

Answer: AB

Which adapters for Cisco UCS B-Series blade servers and C-Series rack servers allow configuration of virtual interfaces? (Choose four.)

A. M71-KR
B. M81-KR
C. VIC-1240
D. VIC-1280
E. P61E
F. P71E
G. P81E

Answer: BCDG

Refer to the exhibit. On which slots are the Cisco Nexus unified ports configured?

A. slot 1 and slot 2
B. slot 1
C. slot 3
D. slot2 and slot 3

Answer: B

Which two statements about role-based access control on the Cisco Nexus 7000 switch are true? (Choose two.)

A. The default user roles are network-admin, network-operator, vdc-admin, and vdc operator.
B. User roles needed if RADIUS is used for AAA.
C. No user roles are provided by default. It is however, best practice is to configure separate roles for
admin and other users.
D. Each user is assigned a unique role.
E. User roles can be distributed to other switches using Cisco Fabric Services.

Answer: AE

What is another term for data plane?

A. signaling plane
B. control plane
C. forwarding plane
D. management plane

Answer: C

Where do all Layer 3 interfaces exist until they are assigned to another VRF?

A. the management VRF
B. the admin VRF
C. the default VRF
D. VRF 0

Answer: C


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