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Which of the following WAN technologies utilizes the concept of virtual circuits and point-multipoint connections?

D. Broadband cable
E. Frame relay

Answer: E

A network administrator wishes to ensure there are no unnecessary open communication paths into a server. Using a port scanner, the administrator finds that ports are reported as closed. Which of the following BEST explains this response?

A. The ports belong to an active system and are denying requests
B. The ports are associated with deprecated services
C. The ports do not belong to a live system
D. The ports replied with a SYN/ACK response

Answer: B

Users are reporting issues with slow connection speeds and a loss of connectivity on the newly installed wireless network. The issues are intermittent but seem to occur most often around midday.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. There is interference from small appliances
B. The signal coverage area is too small
C. Not enough DHCP addresses have been allotted
D. The DNS cache on the users’ computers has become corrupt

Answer: C

A user reports difficulties connecting a PC to a wired network. The PC connects to an IP phone, which is working correctly. A network technician can verify that other devices successfully connect to the phone. At which of the following layers of the OSI model is the problem MOST likely located?

A. Network
B. Physical
C. Transport
D. Application

Answer: A

Which of the following physical security controls is MOST likely to be susceptible to a false positive?

A. Identification card
B. Biometric device
C. Proximity reader
D. Video camera

Answer: C

An assistant systems analyst reports the following findings of an investigation of slow Internet connections in a remote office to the senior systems analyst:

Which of the following devices is causing the issue?

A. Router
B. Firewall
C. Switch 1
D. Switch 2

Answer: B

A small business developed an in-house application that is very sensitive to network latency when a communicating between servers. Due to a lack of funds, the business had to build its own network for workstations and servers. Now a network administrator must redesign the network due to performance issues with the application. Which of the following would be the MOST cost effective for the administrator to recommend?

A. Create Ethernet VLANs
B. Disable autonegotiation on the servers
C. Install 10Gb Ethernet NICs in the servers
D. Install Fibre Channel for the server network

Answer: C

A network technician is configuring a firewall access list to secure incoming connections to an email server. The internal address of this email server is The firewall should allow external email servers to send email to the email server. The email server also supports client access via a web browser. Only secure protocols should be used, and only the necessary ports should be open. Which of the following ACL rules should be configured in the firewall’s WAN port? (Choose two.)

A. Permit
B. Permit
C. Permit
D. Permit
E. Permit
F. Permit

Answer: EF

A network administrator needs to transmit traffic to geographically diverse sites to improve performance. Which of the following devices would BEST direct traffic to the remote sites?

A. Hub
B. Bridge
C. Switch
D. Router

Answer: D

Which of the following should a technician investigate when using a network baseline to troubleshoot?

A. Tracing a network wire connectivity issue from the datacenter to a host.
B. Determining if the server performance is degraded.
C. Changes that have been made to the network configuration.
D. Location of networking equipment in a rack.

Answer: B

A technician needs to upgrade a SOHO wireless router’s firmware. The technician resets the router to factory settings and installs the new firmware. The technician enters the DHCP information and sets the SSID. Which of the following configurations would provide the MOST protection from advance hackers?

A. Disable the broadcasting of the SSID.
B. Enable WPA2 authentication for all hosts.
C. Use private addressing for the DHCP scope.
D. Install unidirectional antennas.

Answer: B


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