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Refer to the exhibit.

Which command is used to determine which switch has the lock?

A. show fcs ie vsan
B. show zoneset active
C. show zone status
D. show flogi database

Correct Answer: C

Which command identifies the application and the user that have a Cisco Fabric Services session open?

A. show cfs application
B. show zoneset active
C. show cfs lock
D. show device-alias database

Correct Answer: A

A storage engineer is troubleshooting a Cisco MDS switch upgrade issue. What prevents the completion of a non-disruptive upgrade?

A. The Fibre Channel host initiator is connected.
B. The Fibre Channel storage target is connected.
C. The Cisco Fabric Services operation in progress.
D. The Fibre Channel and FCoE storage targets are connected.

Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibits.

A storage network engineer activates a zoneset on MDS-A and verifies the successful activation (Exhibit 1). The engineer is then notified that there is a SAN outage (Exhibit 2) What is the cause of the outage?

A. Another network engineer activated zoneset ZoneSetMDS-B-VSAN100 on MDS-A.
B. Another network engineer issued the zone mode enhanced vsan 100 command on another switch in the fabric.
C. Another network engineer activated the zoneset ZoneSetMDS-B-VSAN100 command on another switch in the fabric.
D. Another network engineer issued the zone default-zone permit vsan 100 command on another switch in the fabric.

Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

A port channel has been configured between a Cisco MDS and a Cisco Fabric Interconnect switch. Which interface(s) in the port channel carry the control plane traffic?

A. per packet, balanced between interfaces fc1/9 and fc1/10
B. from interface fc1/9
C. from interface fc1/10
D. per flow, balanced between interfaces fc1/9 and fc1/10

Correct Answer: D

A storage administrator is upgrading Cisco NX-OS on a Cisco MDS switch. The administrator performs an ISSU upgrade following the configuration guide. While the install is proceeding, the administrator connects a new server to the switch, which cannot access storage. The existing servers continue to operate properly through the switch. Why is the new server failing to connect?

A. The fabric data plane resets as part of the upgrade process.
B. The new server is unable to log in to the fabric to receive an FC-ID.
C. The upgrade process disables any currently unused ports.
D. The zoning database is locked during the upgrade process.

Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

A storage network engineer gets remote access to two Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches with an ISL trunk and receives several log messages. Which set of actions resolve the problem while least affecting service?

A. 1. Add :11:11:11:11:11:11:11:13 pwwn in zone Server11 and activate Zoneset10-A on MDS-A.
2. shut/no shut interface fc1/11 on MDS-A.
B. 1. Deactivate zone set Zoneset10-A on MDS-A.
2. shut/no shut interface fc1/11 on MDS-A.
C. 1. Add :11:11:11:11:11:11:11:13 pwwn in zone Server11 and activate Zoneset10-A on MDS-A.
2. Remove VSAN 10 from the allowed VSAN range of interface fc1/11 on MDS-A and add it back in the range.
D. 1. Explicitly import zone set Zoneset10-A on MDS-B using the zoneset import interface import fc1/11 vsan 10 command.
2. Activate the zone set Zoneset10-A.

Correct Answer: A

Drag and drop the boot issues from the left onto the correct solutions on the right.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

A domain ID conflict is detected on a switch. Which action resolves the issue in the shortest possible time after the preferred domain ID is changed to a static domain ID?

A. Issue an fcdomain disruptive restart.
B. Issue an fcdomain nondisruptive restart.
C. Enter the commands for a VSAN suspend / no-suspend.
D. Enter the commands to complete a domain manager fast restart.

Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

A user who is logged in as an operator cannot update the zoneset. What is the cause of this issue?

A. The fabric is locked by admin on switch-2.
B. Hard zoning is enabled.
C. Merge control is disabled.
D. The switch has a conflicting domain ID.
E. The fabric is locked by admin on another switch.

Correct Answer: A

After a subordinate switch requests a domain ID form a principal switch, the requested domain ID becomes the runtime domain ID, and all interfaces on the affected VSAN are isolated. What is a solution to the issue?

A. Add the received ID to the allowed list.
B. Configure a static domain on the subordinate switch and reboot the switch.
C. Enable the FICON feature on the affected VSAN.
D. Configure IVR NAT on the affected VSAN.

Correct Answer: A

The principal switch on a Fibre Channel network fails to assign requested domain to a subordinate switch. What are two reasons? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Fabric Services distribution is not enabled on the switch.
B. The fabric is locked.
C. The requested domain is outside the allowed list.
D. The persistent FC ID feature is not enabled.
E. An existing switch already has the requested domain assigned.

Correct Answer: CE

A storage administrator is connecting two previously configured switches to make a single fabric. When the E Ports are connected, the administrator sees a ZONE MERGE FAILURE message referring to the zoneset for VSAN 10 on each switch. Which command should the administrator use to allow these switches to work together?

A. zoneset import interface fc1/1 vsan 10
B. zoneset distribute full vsan 10
C. zoneset overwrite-control vsan 10
D. zoneset copy active-zoneset full-zoneset Correct Answer: A
A storage administrator manually configures a storage switch to use a new static domain ID. After issuing an fcdomain restart vsan 1 command, the administrator sees that the switch is still using the existing domain ID. What is the reason why the configuration is not working?

A. Static domain IDs apply only after a switch is rebooted.
B. The disruptive keyword was not used on the command.
C. Build fabric notifications were not sent to the other switches.
D. Domain manager fast restart is not enabled on the switch.

Correct Answer: A

Two stable fabrics have overlapping domains. After a switch from the first domain is joined to a switch from the second domain, both switches become isolated. What caused the problem?

A. The autoreconfigure option is disabled on both switches.
B. The autoreconfigure option is enabled on both switches.
C. The rcf-reject option is enabled on the interfaces.
D. The rcf-reject option is disabled on the interfaces.

Correct Answer: A

A storage network engineer is upgrading a Cisco MDS Director with dual supervisor modules. The install command is executed on the standby supervisor module but fails. Which action would have prevented this failure?

A. All FCoE interfaces configured on the MDS must be shut down before starting the upgrade.
B. The upgrade must be done on the active supervisor module only.
C. Cisco Fabric Services must be disabled before starting the upgrade.
D. Fabric Controller Service must be stopped before starting the upgrade.

Correct Answer: B

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