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A customer has purchased the Brocade Accelerator for FICON license and has enabled it on their Brocade 7800. Which three FICON extension features are enabled? (Choose three.)

A.    FICON read tape pipelining
B.    FICON write tape pipelining
C.    FICON emulation for SRDF
D.    FICON emulation for Global Mirror (XRC)
E.    FICON emulation for Metro Mirror (PPRC)

Answer: ABD

A customer already has a 4 Gbps FICON cascade DWDM link between two sites 75 km apart. They want to increase this to 8 Gbps and have confirmed that this service is available from their DWDM supplier. The average frame size determined by RMF is 1024 bytes. What is the minimum distance setting in portcfglongdistance LS to match the increased link speed?

A.    75
B.    155
C.    207
D.    310

Answer: B

What are two reasons why buffer credits are used in FICON? (Choose two.)

A.    for flow control
B.    to enable Linux on System z
C.    to enable RMF reporting
D.    for long distance connectivity

Answer: BC

What are two Brocade recommended best practices with CUP for B-Series switches? (Choose two.)

A.    Define the switch as a device type 2032 on the mainframe.
B.    Disable FMS mode on the switches.
C.    Set the MIHPTO timer to 180 seconds.
D.    Persistently enable ports 0xFE and 0xFF.

Answer: AC

A customer has a FICON disaster recovery solution deploying Brocade DCXs with FX8-24 blades. Which three configuration options are required to run FICON Acceleration? (Choose three.)

A.    DPS
B.    lossless DLS
C.    port-based routing
D.    TI Zones
E.    IOD

Answer: CDE

A customer wants to configure Top Talkers to evaluate their FICON traffic. Which license is required?

A.    Advanced Performance Monitoring
B.    Advanced Extension
C.    Bottleneck Detection
D.    Adaptive Networking

Answer: A

What are two considerations before swapping ports in a FICON environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Ports can be in separate logical switches.
B.    Ports must be in the same logical switch.
C.    Shared area ports can be swapped.
D.    GbE ports cannot be swapped.

Answer: BD

A customer has upgraded their FCIP solution for FICON from Brocade 7500s to Brocade 7800s. Which two additional features are available with the 7800s? (Choose two.)

A.    Advanced Performance Monitoring
B.    lossless DPS
C.    port-based routing
D.    Enhanced TI Zones

Answer: BD

What is the Brocade recommendation for zoning FICON nodes?

A.    single zone with all members in PWWN notation
B.    single zone with all members in Domain,Index notation
C.    multiple zones using single LPAR/single control unit per zone
D.    multiple zones using single LPAR/multiple control units per zone

Answer: B

A customer wants to use Web Tools predefined basic graph types to simplify performance monitoring in their B-Series FICON fabric. Which three graphs are available? (Choose three.)

A.    port throughput
B.    switch aggregate throughput
C.    fabric aggregate throughput
D.    port errors
E.    available buffer-to-buffer credits

Answer: ABD

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